Do you aspire to enjoy your trips with a comfortable bag? If yes, you need to get an answer on what is the best size backpack for traveling to make an informed choice. Whether you are looking for cheap or premium kit bags for business, we have all varieties to suit your needs.
Most importantly, the bags come in different sizes. Smaller packs starting around 25L are suitable for use as daypacks. You can use these to carry a few items, such as cameras and cell phones that you need to keep handy. On the other hand, for long hiking trips, you can use large bags. Follow this article to see some of the best size backpacks for travelling.

What Is The Best Size Backpack For Travelling

Choosing the best size backpack for travelling is crucial when preparing to go on a trip. With the varying types of travel bags in the market today, choosing the right one is always a real hassle. For instance, you might purchase a bulky bag that is very heavy or too small, and you will never fit your stuff in one thing.
Since many shoulder bags are available in the market today, you might be wondering how you pick the best gear for traveling? Worry less; we are going to teach you how to get the best product today. Continue reading to find out what to look for in a high-quality travel gear.

Best Reviews for Travel Backpack

Hynes Eagle Travel Backpack 40L Flight Approved Carry on Backpack

In a world full of bags, nothing beats the Hynes Eagle Travel backpack with its high functionality. It has a beautiful design to make a perfect gift for a family or friend. Most importantly, this item is highly durable to give you long-lasting service with the polyester material. The most excellent feature of this bag is the front organizer compartment. The front zips are perfect and will not walk open despite the length of your journey.
Is that all? No. The Hynes eagle travel haversack is easily adjustable. The multiple exterior compression buckle straps are flexible to allow you to adjust its height depending on your needs, What Is The Best Size Backpack For Travelling.


  • It has multiple carrying options. The shoulder straps are well padded for comfort and easy conversion.
  • Has enough space to ensure your laptop is safe
  • The shoulder bag is suitable for IATA flight
  • Great value for money
  • Hynes travel pack has an extra water bottle pocket where you can store your beverage or water for quicker access
  • Has adjustable straps


  • Has no warranty

 Business Travel Backpack, MateinLaptop Backpack

After testing different products, we couldn’t resist ranking this duffle bag. It is easy and secure to transport. The luggage straps allow the business travel shoulder bag to slide over the luggage right handle making it more convenient. Moreover, you will find this item very comfortable to use since it has padded shoulder straps. Its handle has an ergonomic design for a secure long time carrying on.
Further, this suitcase is spacious and has plenty of space pockets where you can store your items, for instance, the books, keys, pens, and a laptop on one separate laptop compartment. What’s more, is that the business travel kit is stable and is lightweight. Also, it is breathable with the ventilated padding for maximum comfort. You can carry this pack over long distances with the foam-padded top handle that is skin-friendly.
What makes this product unique is the USB port design. You don’t have to worry about your dying battery because you can charge your phone while walking. It is the best bag for travelling with no doubt.


  • It is highly durable with the water-resistant polyester material
  • The metal zippers do not open easily
  • Has plenty pockets
  • It suits different occasions, such as student book bags, slim fashion, travel, and gifts.


  • Has limited warranty

Hynes Eagle 38L Flight Approved Weekender Carry on Backpack

The Hynes Eagle carry on backpack is high quality and attractively priced bag, making it our go-to recommendation. Despite the many features, the setout weighs 0.8 kg, making it lighter than many bags.
Moreover, it has a versatile design to allow various carrying options. The multiple side compression buckle straps are crucial to adjust the height to protect your items from knocks and bumps. What makes this worth investment is its comfort. Also, the hide-away contoured bag straps have soft pads with air mesh. As a result, you can easily convert it into a carry on a duffle bag.
Additionally, a sternum strap allows you to adjust the length and slides up and down for stability. Cheers to the front organizer pockets; it will not walk open no matter how long your journey. If you are planning to get a perfect travel packsack, Hynes eagle flight approved is worth trial.


  • Has a durable polyester lining
  • Beautiful and attractive design
  • Highly versatile
  • Lightweight and budget-priced


  • Has limited organizational features

Osprey Farpoint 55 Men’s Travel Backpack

The Osprey Farpoint is our new favorite mid-size bag. It is perfect if you will be going on a big overland trip or planning around the world-trip. The additional space allows you to pack for multiple climates.
Apart from these, the shoulder bag is suitable for outdoors, with a water-resistant cover. The suspension system can also be fully customized according to your height. Also, the duffle style lockable U-zip allows accessible entrance to the primary partition.
Most importantly, this suitcase has a stowaway hip belt and harness to protect you from malicious baggage handlers; Feel free to carry your sunglasses as you travel. Likewise, the scratch-free pocket allows you to store your devices: since it has a designed laptop and tablet sleeve to make sure you are sorted from the word go.


  • Integrated comfortable trampoline style –back
  • Comes with extra comfort
  • Enough space


  • The laptop compartment is not padded
  • Slightly expensive

Osprey Farpoint 40 Men’s Travel Backpack

Osprey Farpoint 40 Men’s Travel Backpack is ideal for a weekly getaway in the city. Cheers to the light wireframe suspension, it transfers the load from harness to hip belt. This creates a slimmer profile when traveling to make it a better-checked bag.
Moreover, this daypack has large internal storage. The two internal compression straps secure your load. Also, it can handle up to 40 pounds. The comfort that comes with the Osprey travel knapsack is undoubted. It features a padded shoulder strap for multiple carry options.
Additionally, it has a padded laptop and tablet sleeve lockable zipper and can carry 15” laptops. This bag has two front mesh water bottle pockets to hold your drink. Similarly, this tote bag has a scratch-free pocket for sunglasses or other devices.


  • Great value for money
  • Has a large capacity
  • Safe to use with the zippered rear flag


  • Some users find it unsuitable for short work trips

Laptop Backpack, Extra Large 17 Inch Business Travel Backpack

A laptop backpack extra-large travel bag is among our top reviews due to its large capacity. It features 2two front compartment, a 17-inch laptop compartment, and ten multifunctional pockets. Thanks to the main compartment, it can hold your daily stuff, not mention your clothes and notebooks.
Besides, it has a USB port and earphone hole. Therefore, you have the freedom to enjoy your favorite music and worry less about your low charged battery; since you can fix and charge the phone using a power bank.
What’s more? The bag is long-lasting and straightforward to use. The bag is constructed using waterproof materials and scratch-resistant polyester fabric. Also, the two-fold zippers are soft, therefore, ideal for solemn obligation purposes. Besides, it features an aerated mesh, thus allowing airflow foam back design to facilitate utmost back sustenance. You will find that the shoulders’ straps are very comfortable to use with massage mats that help relieve stress.
Furthermore, the bag is TSA friendly and practical. The laptop compartment can unfold up to180 degrees while keeping your items organized. More so, the strong belt for items allows you to pull the suitcase using one hand; hence have the freedom to adjust the gear to suit your needs with the two side compression straps. Get this travel gear for your family and travel the world while fully packed.


  • Multipurpose backpack
  • Perfect gift choice
  • An excellent choice for outdoor activities
  • Affordable


  • An extra charging device is needed

Eagle Creek Global Companion Travel Backpack

The Eagle Creek Global Companion Travel Gear can carry your luggage top or bottom of a mountain. Moreover, it is ideal for adventure. It has ergonomic shoulder traps and moisture resistant hip belt.
Likewise, it is made using Geo Ripstop 450D. Also, it features a closure zip that maintains itself with lockable zippers, therefore enabling a comfortable grip. Also, it features a unisex fixed suspension: Therefore, suitable for men and women with padded suspension and sternum straps to offer stability and comfort. Besides, it features an interlockstuffer’scompartmentat the front, thus ideal for holding wet raincoats.
Besides, it is resilient since it comes with a long-lasting nylon lining material. Also, the luggage has a Bi-Tech fabric base that is resistant to abrasion.


  • Durable
  • Large capacity
  • Has a replacement insurance


  • Some customers complain that the seam ripped a few weeks after purchase

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Size Backpack for Travelling; Buyer’s Guide for

  • Buy a front-loading backpack

Many kits have a top-loading, which is not always the best. The most convenient bags are the side loading travel packsacks. Yet, you need to ensure that you zip them open much more comfortable like a suitcase. Also, you can organize your stuff quickly, unlike a top-loading bag. When you pair a front-loading travel gear with some packing cubes, you can keep your property neat even when you are regularly unpacking or packing.

  • Consider the Security Features

No one wants to get a shoulder bag that requires you to keep an eye all the time. A perfect travel bag should have slash-proof material, which makes slash and run theft far less likely. Consider a pack with little rings on the zippers so that you can lock your bag with a travel padlock. The compartment should have two zippers so you can lock them together. When buying locks, ensure the description package says they are TSA compatible for easy opening without breakages.
Moreover, if you are among those who sleep in the middle of a journey, your travel gear should be compatible with an extendable wire lock. Why? So that you can lock your bag securely on a pole or other secure points.

  • The Laptop Compartment

A perfect traveling bag should have a travel organizer. The organizer prevents your expensive items from getting damaged. Also, a bag with a well-padded laptop compartment will keep your electronics safe.
Moreover, a good bag should have many compartments to allow you to break your stuff into smaller sections for easy access.

  • Choose Water Resistant Material

Do you want your books to get wet? No. In that case, you need to ensure that your duffle bag is constructed using 100% water-resistant material. Further, ensure that the bag material is massive but trivial. For instance, a nylon fiber that is treated is a perfect choice.

  • Durability

Durable and hardwearing material is the most crucial factor to put into consideration. For instance, polyester gears are known to be long-lasting compared to other designs. You should feel okay to invest in a good quality bag that will prevent damage to your gear.
Telling whether the bag is durable from the box is a bit difficult. To help you, we test travel gears as much as possible to notice the problem, so you don’ have anything to lose on your trip.
Also, we have some secrets that will help know if the item is durable. Here is what you need to know:

  • Topo Designs Travel Bag 40L: Top designs travel doesn’t mess with durability.
  • Zippers: The YKK zippers are some of the best. They are sturdy with different weights depending on the area of the pack they are used.What Is The Best Size Backpack For Travelling
  • Padded Shoulders and Hip Belt

A soft shoulder strap makes carrying your luggage more comfortable. Since its pads exact a lot of forces on your shoulders as load push down your body. Perfect padding should be thick with one section of the material since it can thin out and split.
What is more, is that the padded hip belt provides support and distributes the weight equally on your back. Also, you need to check whether the hip belt is adjustable so that you can tighten for advanced support and comfort.

  • Consider your budget

Are you confused about how much money you need to spend on what is the best size backpack for travelling? This is tricky questions, especially if its’ your first time buying a bag. For a long-lasting item, it doesn’t hurt to invest. However, it is highly advisable to buy a bag that will not make you strain pocket wise.


Q. Where to Buy Your Travel Backpack

Travel gears are sold in different places. Below are some of the places to buy a perfect bag: This is among the popular markets. Visit to see some of the best shoulder bag and their price.
REI: This is an Us corporation that trade many different products.

Q.What makes the right Travel Backpack?

A good travel kit should have multiple compartments. The compartments will enable you to store your items without the need for an extra bag. Another quality bag feature is a water-resistant material; it provides safety for your sensitive items from water. Padded shoulder straps make your travel bag a perfect choice. Smooth handles give you comfort despite the length of your journey.

  • Osprey Far point 55 Trek

Osprey far points 55 treks is a first-class version of the original far point. The bag will maintain the burden away from your back and hips.
Features: More space, adjustable suspension system, an integrated rain cover.

  • Osprey Farpoint 40 Men’s Travel Backpack

It is a very comfortable duffel bag with well-padded shoulder handles. This bag has a maximum capacity so you can carry all your stuff with you.

  • Men’s Osprey Aether AG 60

This bag comes with a custom-fit harness and a meshed back panel to keep the weight off your hips.
Size: 57-63L

Features: detachable daypack and plenty of pockets.

How do you pack a Travel Backpack

Packing a duffel bag requires different skills than packing a suitcase. If you plan to carry it on your shoulders, you need to look at the bag’s weight. Always adjust the straps enough to allow you to put the duffel bag in the right place.
Advisedly, when packing, lay out everything you need to carry, pack only the important stuff. Also, keep in mind you might be able to shed off some weight by removing extras. Likewise, when deciding where to put your luggage, keep in mind how soon you will need each item. Also, to avoid injuring your travel gear, put the heavy items in the vertical center of your bag.

Final Thoughts

Getting what is the best size backpack for travelling is not an easy task. You will need to try a lot on it. A travel pack is the best both for comfort, security, and peace of mind to have a successful trip. Discussed above is some of the best size backpack for travelling you can buy today. They are comfortable to use and secure. Feel free to use our buyer’s guide and top reviews for a happy traveling experience.

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