Traveling with a toddler can be so challenging for the parent. You have to carry everything you will need to attend to the little one besides everything you will both need on the trip. That can be stressful at times. However, if you can organize yourself well and prepare in handy for the journey, you may end up having the most adventurous trip with your baby. One of the most vital necessities in such a trip is the best bag for air travel with toddler. We have reviewed seven of the best of such bags here, together with a complete guide on making the perfect purchase.

Best Bag for Air Travel with Toddler Reviews

According to research, 41% of the millennials in the US travel with their kids for vacations. This calls for the need to have the right bag for air travel especially if you have a toddler. Here are some top picks you can consider buying.

Oversized Travel Duffel Bag Waterproof Canvas Genuine Leather Weekend bag- weekender bag

You can travel in style even when you have a baby with you on the plane. It would help if you had a spacious bag to hold all the necessary clothes for both you and your little one. That is why we present this high-quality travel duffel bag. Its oversize translates to total convenience for new mothers who would like to travel light without leaving anything behind. There are a large main compartment and several inner pockets.
It is made from premium quality materials, genuine horse leather to be more specific. Likewise, some parts are made of waterproof canvas complete with bottom rivets. Its entire construction supports optimum durability, such that it keeps its classic beauty for many years to come, being as useful latter as it did the first time you bought it.
You will love how easy and comfortable this bag is to use. Hence, it makes your life better and not more complicated, like some travel bags usually do. But how? This bag will not break its wheels at the worst time, because it does not have wheels in the first place.  Instead, you get a bag you can use as a carry-on flight bag for a weekender or business trip.


  • Durable leather material
  • Large main compartment
  • Classic style for men and women
  • Comfortable and easy to use


  • Large main compartment and several other interiors and exterior pockets
  • Classic style makes it elegant and fashionable
  • It is easy to carry since you can hang it over your shoulder
  • Perfect and enough for carrying several vital accessories such as clothes and diapers
  • Made from premium quality horse leather, and durable canvas


  • Lazy travelers find it too big for them

Gb Pockit Air All Terrain Night Blue, Night Blue, Compact- best stroller for air travel

This is a cute, innovatively designed travel stroller for parents with toddlers.  Everything about it makes it suitable for traveling, from its appealing design, the wheels’ convenience, and spaciousness, among other features. Perhaps one of the most notable features of this bag is the revolutionary ultra-compact folding mechanism, making it space-saving and easier to use for new parents on the go.
It is an all-terrain bag with the ability to be reduced into a hand luggage shaped package in just minutes. Therefore, you can travel confidently with it by air since it is also airplane compliant. Amazingly, this bag weighs 4.6 kg, which is lightweight enough for traveling, making your traveling life more stress-free. The super lightweight frame is also effortless to maneuver, lift, or carry.
There is a breathable mesh that allows air into the bag to keep your belongings fresh and the interior well-ventilated. The four pairs of wheels will enable you to roll and ride the bag on the pavement whenever you need to free yourself from the hardship of carrying the load by hand. When you carry your child in this kit, they are more like to stay calm, thanks to the bag’s comfortable nature.


  • Lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • Folding mechanism
  • Breathable mesh fabric
  • Machine washable fabric covers at 30 degrees


  • Easy to wash and to maintain
  • Revolutionary ultra-compact folding mechanism simplifies your life
  • Super lightweight design makes it perfect for serious traveling
  • The very comfortable interior is ideal for toddlers
  • Four pairs of wheels increase the ease to maneuver across different terrains


  • Not as sturdy as you would expect

Hiccapop Inflatable Toddler Travel Bed – best travel beds for toddlers

Traveling is not usually so easy, but you can make it not only comfortable but also enhance your comfort along the way. You can make traveling more comfortable for your toddler too. With this inflatable toddler travel bed, you can keep your little ones sleeping throughout the flight, thereby saving yourself from the stress that might have been caused by constant cries. Besides using it when traveling, you can use it at home, while camping or on vacations.
The fact that it is lightweight and inflatable, you are looking at one of the most portable travel toddler beds. The quality is impressive, and the durability is even better than you would expect such an inflatable bet to be. It is made from inlay-enforced vinyl that is 40 percent thicker than most competitors’. Also, its boasts 4-bumper protection, which maximizes the safety of the baby and makes the surface of the bed more comfortable.
You have to care about the safety and comfort of the child. That is why if you look closely at this bed, you realize that it provides just that, and to a certain extent, even more. You can inflate it in only a few seconds, and it will be ready to carry the load. Hence, your baby will sleep more soundly even when the flight is a little bumpy.


  • 4 bumper protection for safety
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easy inflation in 30 seconds
  • Air valve prevent air leaks


  • Can use it during traveling, vacation, or camping
  • The perfect transitional bed
  • Inflates fast
  • Fits all standard blanket and sheets for the crib
  • Extra-long, hence allows your child to grow with it


  • Extra weight can deflate it

JuJuBe B.F.F Multi-Functional Convertible Diaper Backpack- best bags for moms with toddlers

This is another classy travel bag on this list. Made by one of the best brands, you can count on this bag to give you the perfect traveling moment you need, even when traveling with your baby. It is 100 percent polyester, with a design that makes it sleek and cool. The bag is well organized, with four gusseted pockets plus three zippered pockets in its main compartment. It also has two bottle pockets and a credit card pocket.
Any parent will be confident, spotted with such a beautiful bag at the airport. It provides you with enough compartment to keep everything separately and avoid mixing accessories that should not be put together. The interior is made of Agion-treated fabric, making it resistant to bacteria, mildew, and molds.  You can imagine how much it keeps your travel essentials safe and in the right condition for child use.
The exterior excellently resists stains, thanks to its Teflon-treated quality. The bag is machine washable, which takes the stress off your hands since you do not have to wash it manually. There is more. The bag is designed with metal hardware that not only gives it its shape but makes it steady. Also, it has crumb drain, magnetic closures, detachable straps, and more.


  • Main compartment has 3 zippered pockets
  • Stain-resistant exterior
  • Convenient mommy pocket
  • Detachable backpack straps
  • Removable shoulder pad


  • Various pockets or compartments
  • Provides space large enough to carry all the essential accessories
  • The bag is machine washable
  • The interior is resistant to mildew, bacterial and molds
  • There is metal hardware that, together with high-quality materials, makes it strong and durable


  • Many people find it too small

Eagle Creek Expanse International Carry-On Bag- eagle creek travel backpack

You can take your traveling to the next level by using this as your primary traveling bag. You can save so much by choosing this and using it on your trip with your baby. Where a larger bag is needed for traveling, I would recommend this bag to any serious traveler. It provides not only enough space for a more comfortable journey but keeps everything in it safe and away from destruction or spoilage.
This is durable kids luggage made with innovative bi-tech armor lite technology. Hence, the pack is abrasion-resistant, even in high wear areas. Its heavy-duty treaded wheels provide multi-terrain maneuverability, which makes it the kind of luggage bag you would want to take to various destinations.
It is an expanse international carry on luggage that would keep your accessories safe even on a quick adventure trip. It is also a perfect choice for minimal packers and those who would like something more lightweight but still large enough to carry everything needed on the trip. The bag weighs six pounds when empty, meaning even if your stuff in the accessories, the weight will still be reasonable.


  • Secure zip toggles
  • Heavy-duty treaded wheels
  • Abrasion-resistant luggage
  • It is lightweight


  • Makes you feel comfortable
  • Large convenient wheels maneuver every terrain
  • The bag is abrasion-resistant
  • Innovatively designed construction
  • Lightweight makes it perfect for a quick adventure


  • Poor craft

 Olympia 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel Bag- kids travel backpack

There is so much to like in this innovatively designed ride on suitcase. With this, you can turn every trip into an adventure just by carrying all the travel accessories you need to make that happen. There are lots of unique features made with a high level of craft and skills. These qualities make it a fancier and more attractive a travel bag could be.
The main material used to make this bag is the supreme Protecflon polyester, 1200 D polyester. The material is rugged, healthy, and tough enough to survive any wear and tear forces that may act against it. It will survive continuous usage and still work for you many years to come. It weighs just 5.1 pounds and boasts self-repairing excel zippers.
This model also comes in several color options, giving you the chance to pick the one that best complements your style. If you have a color preference, check to see if it is available. You will also like it for the many compartments it has. With eight convenient pockets, it provides maximum packing versatility.


  • There is a U-shaped top opening that provides easy access
  • The spacious main compartment allows for efficient organization
  • Eight convenient pockets provide maximum packing capacity
  • Push-button retractable handle
  • Metal ball-bearing inline skate wheels for easy maneuverability


  • If you take a sharp corner, it may roll over since the wheels are small

Kids Backpack, Kasqo Lightweight Water Resistant Preschool Rucksack- kids travel backpack

You can buy this kids travel gear for your little one to help make the traveling lighter for you. Your child can help you carry some of the necessary accessories for the trip. This is a simple but very reliable bag designed for children, so long as they are old enough to carry it. What sets it apart from its competitions the most is perhaps its unique prints, which children would love even at first sight.
The bag is compact and lightweight, making it even better for children. And for that reason, it will not weigh your child down. It is made of high-quality polyester, which is a material also well known for its lightweight. The shoulder strap is not only easily adjustable, but they are also extra padded to make the bag more comfortable for the kids. The back panel is also padded for extra comfort.
It is innovatively designed to create more space inside than you could imagine a bag of its size.  That means it can carry more accessories than any other gear that has a similar size. Such excellence is partly contributed to by its excellent organization. Main compartment can hold books, toys, small folders, and even clothes.


  • Durable polyester material
  • 8 pockets offer versatility
  • U-shape top for easy opening
  • Self-repairing excel zippers


  • Elegant decorations
  • Water-resistant materials
  • Padded straps, back panel, and top handle
  • For both boys and girls
  • Large capacity


  • The zipper is not strong enough

Things to Consider

Choosing the best bag for air travel with toddler may require that you think several factors to determine right. Since there are many different such bags on the market, you may be confused by the endless variety. Such confusion often leads to poor choices and hurried purchases that are often later regretted.
We are here not only to help you choose the perfect bag but also save your money by helping you select the ideal gear with just a single purchase. With the right formula, your chances of choosing right is increased.


When shopping for a new bag, you would want to choose the one with the perfect size. The bag should neither be too small nor too big for the purpose that it is supposed to serve.  If you are traveling with a toddler, you need a bag that is just large enough to carry everything the child needs. And you have to choose Best Bag for Air Travel with Toddler You can take your other accessories in a different pack if you do not want to mix a child’s stuff with adults’ accessories. One way to evaluate size is by checking the dimensions. Plan well beforehand by gathering everything you would want to carry along on a trip and then find a bag that can carry them all.


Weight is a vital factor to put into consideration when choosing travel bags of any kind. Of course, you have to choose a pack with the right value for air travel. Lightweight backpacks are the best traveling options, especially if you are traveling by air with your toddler. You will have an easy time carrying it and using it during and after the flight.
Also, depending on how designed, some bags are innovatively created to make the total weight evenly distributed, making it lighter even with accessories stuffed into it. A lightweight bag will maintain low weight even with extra items.


You can consider both the type and quality of the material used to make the bag. Polyester is the most common material used to make these bags, but leather is the best of all the materials used to construct the bags. Leather is durable and classy, making very admirable bags to many, if not all, users.
Some are made of durable nylon and fabric that vary from lightweight to heavy-duty. You can choose based on material, so that you only select the bag not only with the right materials but also material quality. If it is made of leather, you should know the quality of the leather used.

Design and Construction

The design and construction of the bag will determine how well organized the accessories will be inside the bag. This is also where you check if the load is sturdy, easy to clean, moisture resistant, resistant to bacteria, etc. There are tote bags with metal frames and magnetic straps. Others use Velcro or zippers.
Still, some of these products have light-reflecting stripes or piping that makes them visible in the dark. You have to pay attention to every detail when analyzing the design and construction of the bag. It is from such analysis that you will understand how to handle or take care of the pack.


There are various types of bags that you can use to travel with your toddler. Ranging from a simple diaper bag to a baby sling. Identify the kind that you need for the trip and get down to the store to purchase it.
As you can see, these types may vary based on the purpose that they are meant to serve. If you need a bag that can be used to ferry a child and still serve as a storage space for baby accessories, you should go for those kids’ multipurpose travel gear.

Safety and Comfort

Safety features include reflective stripes or lines to make the bag visible in the dark and bacteria resistant materials. Also, buy carriers that can be used with a seat belt to keep your baby safe throughout the journey.
On the other hand, you also have to consider comfort. In case you use the product directly to carry your child or lay them to rest, you will need to check how comfortable the product is before you buy it. Another part that requires comfort is the handle and the shoulder strap. They need to be padded.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Best Bag for Air Travel with a Toddler?

A: I would recommend the Oversized Travel Duffel Bag Waterproof Canvas Genuine Leather Weekend bag Weekender Overnight Carryon Hand Bag Brown. It is classic and made from high-quality leather.

Q: What should you look out for when buying the best air travel bag with a toddler?

A: Generally, you need an efficient bag that can be of great convenience throughout the trip. Therefore, it should be spacious, lightweight, stylish, durable, comfortable, and easy to use. If it is a multipurpose bag that doubles as a bag and baby carrier, it a better choice

Q: What to pack in my toddler’s plane?

A: What you pack in a travel bag with a toddler would depend on several factors. However, the most common accessories include diapers, clothes, feeding bottles, snacks, blanket, inflatable beds, and more. You can also carry toys for the baby. Carry the small items.

Q: BAG! What to Look for in a Good Travel Bag for?

A: Besides the obvious factors such as size, weight, capacity, and durability, you need a bag that complements your style. The bag should be just large enough to carry all your accessories. Also, it should be easy to carry or have wheels if it is a stroller.

Q: What NOT to bring when traveling with kids?

A: Sometimes, toys are not supposed to be brought along on a trip. They may bring chaos, especially in a small space such as inside an airplane. Also, you do not have to carry everything. Just take a little of everything needed. The rest can be bought when you reach your destination. Also, do not carry any heavy travel item if possible.

Final Verdict

Finding the best bag for air travel with toddler turns out to be an easy thing, as you have seen here. You need to have your priorities right, and be confident about what you need when making your selection. Travel gear is available in different varieties, giving you the chance to be creative and choose more accurately.
Besides just looking for a durable, elegant, or spacious bag, you can look beyond the obvious to find something unique and special for the occasion. The products reviewed above are some of the best there is in their respective categories. We hope the reviews help.

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